Warm Cloth Donation

For most of us, the idea of winter means cuddling under the blanket for warmth, lying in our comfort zone and sipping tea. But for those on the streets, with every drop in the temperatures it’s a fight for survival.

We buy a lot of clothes throughout the year. And if we notice, a good amount of clothes lie untouched in our wardrobes. Why dump them when there are thousands of underprivileged people in Bangladesh struggling to get enough warm cloth to cover themselves away from humiliation. We can provide for them, we can make their smiles less painful. Don’t dump, donate old clothes.

Every winter, our organization, Jibon runs the Warm Cloth Donation Campaign, where we provide high-quality warm blankets along with donated clothes to the underprivileged people of Sylhet. Some of them living in the open on the streets, some of them are orphans living in “Etimkhana” while others are elderly poor women of remote villages. We try our best to reach out to people in need.

There is no better gift than providing warm clothing to the needy during the winter season. Thousands of homeless experience bitterness of winter and are at great risk of suffering from severe illnesses. The rise in air pollution levels and the early onset of winter this year have made them vulnerable, but at the same time it has given us an opportunity to serve humanity by donating blankets to the needy. This winter, become a part of our mission. There cannot be a bigger satisfaction than saving someone’s life.