Hosting Sports

“JIBON” the blood donor association of NEMC was established with the various sacred purposes. Later, it expanded its activities along with blood donation as in 2017, an event ‘Sports Week’ was added to it’s ‘Annual planning’. “JIBON” took this initiative to get rid of student’s obduracy and boost them up. An interesting football tournament was the focusing point of that ‘Sports Week’. “JIBON” was the first to introduce the franchise-based football tournament, (Though we all know about the franchise-based cricket tournament of NEMC.) Thereupon after the announcement of this football tournament, a massive response was found across the campus. In that tournament 8 managers got chances to build up their team on “Book 1st, get 1st” basis.

At the time for players’ selections, the names were collected from each batch to make a players’ draft. For the first time in NEMC, players were selected through auction! It was held in the ‘Dining Hall’ of boys hostel of NEMC. Apart from managers and the players, advisors of JIBON, senior students of NEMC, hostel boys were present there in the auction. Each manager got 100 credits for buying 9 players from the auction. After finishing off a competitive auction, each team was made up of 9 players, 6 of them who could play in the main lineup, rest of 3 would remain outside as a substitute.

It’s time for the game! The opening ceremony was held in the presence of honorable chairman Professor Dr. Afazal Miah sir, Dr. Sabbir Rahman sir, JIBON advisors, then President, General Secretary and other members of JIBON as well. Two groups were made where four teams would compete with each other in a common group. Teams in the same group played with each other. After completion of the group stage, champions and runner-up from each group made them eligible for the semifinals.

The semifinals matches were blockbuster too as the team showed up their strength in the group stages.‘Counter-Attack’ team of 17th batch led by Delwar Hossain and ‘Brigade’ team of 20th batch made the dream finale that season.

After the end of full minutes of play, the unresolved high voltage finale match went to penalty shootout as a decider. ‘Counter-Attack’ did triumph and had become the champions, which meant 20th ‘Brigade’ claimed the runner-up position. Champions and Runner-up teams were given the trophies & prize money in the presence of Chairman sir, MD sir, Sabbir sir, Advisors, President and General Secretary, other members of Jibon and students as well. The tournament has been continuing as a consequence of that season following every year.

In the 2018 season, the two finalists were ‘Black Mumba’ led by Abdul Samad Rimon and the ‘Invincible Squad’ led by Delwar Hossain. Both teams were from the 17th batch! ‘Black Mumba’ beat ‘Invincible Squad’ by 3-1 scores and crowned the champions trophy, which made the ‘Invincible Squad’ in the runner-up spot. Prajjal Gawchan (18th batch) from the ‘Black Mumba’ named the player of the tournament!

On the last occasion in 2019, 8 teams also made participation in the tournament. After a hard-fought battle in the group stage, defending champions ‘Black Mumba’ again made the final spot! This time, their opponent was ‘Fighting Cardinal’ from 21st batch who showed a scintillating football display throughout the tournament.
Nevertheless, ‘Black Mumba’’ won again and crowned their 2nd consecutive titles which left the ‘Fighting Cardinal’ in a runner-up spot.“JIBON” assures a lot of prize money and more developed trophies to make the tournament more attractive!

Already this tournament has taken place in the heart of every student of NEMC as a “Most popular tournament “ and also has become their source of entertainment! NEMC authority also encourages this tournament as “JIBON” plays a vital role in the sports arena of NEMC.