Prof. Dr. Shahriar Hussain Chowdhury

Honorable Principal, North East Medical College
Honorable Managing Director, North East Medical College PVT. LTD

JIBON , blood donating organization started its journey in 2009, with the slogan “Donate blood, save lives”. In this long period, it has been able to stand beside thousands of distressed people. Blood donations, winter clothes distribution, vaccines, and whatnot. JIBON has almost been a part of every social welfare works. May JIBON cross every hurdle with ease and may the whole journey of JIBON smooth, always.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Afzal Miah
Honorable Chairman, North East Medical College PVT. LTD

“JIBON Blood Donating Organization” is a voluntary organization. They didn’t stop only by managing blood donations but during the covid-19 pandemic, this very organization stood by the patients by forming a plasma bank. When the underprivileged are afflicted by the cold breeze of the winter, JIBON was there for them.
Likewise, JIBON has done some tremendous social works. May this organization only flourish with time.