To sustain this motto the members of Jibon will engage in various humanitarian projects.

This includes but not limited to following:

Blood donation & exchange

Jibon is devoted to motivate people to donate blood. Jibon always provide blood unit in exchange of another unit. This is carried out in a hope that a person would become a donor for the first time. We will get the opportunity to raise awareness for blood donation in society. The majority of donors are students of North East Medical College. In emergency, we donate blood without exchange by assessing the situation.

Blood grouping camp

Members of Jibon do free blood grouping camp in every month in different areas in Sylhet. We also do Blood grouping in Health fair of NEMCH in every year. Jibon is also planning to do the camps in different schools, colleges, madrasa.

Arranging seminars to raise awareness.

Jibon is proud to arrange seminars to raise awareness about blood donation and vaccination. Usually, an expert on specific subject is invited to conduct the seminer.

Vaccination program

Jibon is honored to host vaccination program which not only covers Hepatitis B but also other prevalent diseased like Hepatitis A, Typhoid & Influenza. To receive vaccination with us one need to register with us and we will arrange vaccination event once we acquire enough receipents.

Warm cloth donation campaign

Every winter, our organization, Jibon runs Warm Cloth Donation Campaign, where we provide high quality warm blankets along with donated cloths to the underprivileged people of Sylhet. Some of them living in the open on the streets, some of them are orphan living in “Etimkhana” while others are elderly poor women  of remote villages. We try our best to reach out to people in need.

Celebratiing national days

We celebrate World Mother Language Day, Independence Day & Vitory day of Bangladesh every year.

Jibon tries its best to inspire people to be a voluntary blood donor.

Jibon ensures safe blood transfusion.

Jibon maintains a database of voluntary blood donors meet the need for blood for the emergency patient.