About us

Jibon is an organization, devoted to arrange emergency blood donor for the patients who are seriously indicated. It is solely running by the students of North East Medical College and keeping a great contribution to the total blood need of Sylhet.

The symbol of Jibon represents the activities & features of the association. These are the followings:

-The background is white which represents peace.

-It contains a large drop of blood which symbolize the essential source of life as well as main purpose of Jibon.

-The red crescent is located just above the blood drop which denotes humanitarian activities of Jibon.

-At the middle of the logo there is a green horn which stands for the youth.

Main slogan of Jibon is “Blood for life”. To sustain this motto the members of Jibon will engage in various humanitarian projects. This includes but not limited to following:

– Blood donation & exchange

-Blood grouping camp

-Arranging seminars to raise awareness.

-Vaccination program

-Warm cloth donation campaign

C-elebratiing national days